The Harbour in Bergen

Greetings from Bergen…wish you were here! 

Photo taken in the summer of 1993 in Bergen, Norway when traveling by Eurail for a few weeks.

I had always wanted to go to Scandinavia, either to Sweden (where my Anderson ancestors come from) or Norway (the heartland of the fjords).  When push came to shove, and I was getting very low on funds, I opted for Norway due to my love of mountains, greenery and fjords.

I took the Eurail as far as I could, crossed by ferry and then worked my way up to Bergen, Norway where the sun doesn’t set until midnight in the summertime.  Traveling around Bergen, I ate delicious smoked salmon, cheese and baguette which was about all I could afford.  I took a cruise up the fjords seeing amazing sights, making the journey all worth my effort and promising myself that someday I’d come back.

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